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About Us

At Investwest we're all about you, getting to know you, your goals and aspirations, but we understand that you may be curious to know a little bit about us too! 

Investwest is a boutique financial services licensee based in Perth, Western Australia.  It was founded by Peter Brien back in 1986. Peter had worked for large insurance and financial companies which are often restricted to using internal products and decided that he wanted to be able to provide clients with better solutions and a wider range of options. Peter was a people person and genuinely wanted to help people by providing them with appropriate, sound advice; he believed there was a better way.  Investwest was established and the adviser network grew with like minded advisers joining the group.


After Peter passed away in 2015, his daughter Amy took over the reins. With her extensive experience in the industry and a strong passion for helping people achieve their goals through sound and practical advice the Investwest ethos continues.  Amy, together with her husband Rob (also a financial planner), are now focusing on growing the business together.  They believe that the role of our advisers is not just about providing product advice - it's about empowering people to understand what they want out of life and providing the advice and guidance to enable them to live the life they love!

Meet the Team...


Amy Ryan -

Senior Financial Planner


Robert Ryan -

Financial Planner


Sharon Clark -




Elizabeth Wright -

Client Services

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