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Personal Insurance

Protect the life you love.

Investwest has been specialising in insurance since 1986, over this time we have truly seen the benefit of people having adequate protection in place. 

Imagine if you fell ill, or were injured, or even worse unexpectedly passed away and were no longer able to work, who would pay the mortgage & bills, buy the groceries, pay the kids school fees?? 

We can tailor and provide advice on the most appropriate insurance package for your individual circumstances to insure your income, your life & provide for your loved ones in the event of the unexpected.

Our advisers have access to all the major insurers and the expertise to analyse what type and level of cover you need and match your needs with the right products, the most appropriate structure and the most cost effective premiums.

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Life & Total Permanent Disability Cover

Life Cover provides a lump sum payment in the event of your death. If you have debts and/or dependants this cover is particularly important. 

Total and Permanent Disability cover also provides a lump sum payment if you sustain an injury or illness that results in your never being likely to return to work again. This cover can help eliminate debts, provide for dependants and assist with rehabilitation and modification costs.


Income Protection

Income Protection provides you with an ongoing income generally of up to 75% of your current salary in the event that you are unable to work as a result of illness or injury. Meaning you can focus on getting better without the financial strain.

Income protection insures your future earnings potential. If you are unable to perform your duties for any amount of time past your elected waiting period income protection will ensure you can continue to meet your living expenses, vital for you and your families financial security. 

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Trauma (Critical Illness) Cover

Trauma (or sometimes known as Critical Illness) cover provides a lump sum benefit if you experience a specific health event such as a cancer diagnosis, stroke or heart attack.

This cover assists with out-of-pocket medical or supportive care costs as well as reducing the financial strain that such an event causes. 

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